The new Sammy Ofer Heart Institute Tel-Aviv MC, constructed in 2012

The building, constructed using the most modern standards, was designed as a monolithic glass-framed cube, with red urban windows symbolizing the heart. The building stands nine stories above ground and goes four floors underground.

The underground area serves as a routine parking lot, which during a war, converts to a 750-bed emergency hospital. The buildings are connected by an atrium within which suspended red bridges are connect between the visitors' waiting room galleries.

Sharon Architects is one of the oldest design firms in Israel. Since it was founded 75 years ago by Arie Sharon- "Bauhaus man", it has specialized in planning public buildings in Israel and overseas: universities, neighborhoods and residential towers, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, libraries, museums, cinemas, hotels, master plans, and cultural structures. Heading the firm is Architect Arad Sharon, a graduate of the A.A School of Architecture in London.