11th Healthy Housing Awards. 5 July 2017

El próximo 5 de Julio de 2017 se entregan los 11th Healthy Housing Awards en el MUA a las 18h.

Architektur Ausstellung des Fahrradzentrums am Tempelhofer Feld „Mohawk aus Beton“, Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin 2017

Kunsterk 2
Kunsterk 2
Kunstwerk 4

"I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own." , Berlin 2015

Motivated by Jackson Pollock 60\70 cm, Acrylic on Wood Panel

The "Bikers Family", Solo Exhibition at Charles E. Smith Jerusalem for the Arts 2005

How did it became a piece of art?

My work combines two great loves in my life .. People and bicycles.

I love to observe humans and biking is my hobby.

I see myself as integrated part of bicycles and bicycle are a part of me.

Therefore, in my work, bike parts used as body parts, and reversed.

Why do bikes have become a part of me?

Not just for the Adrenaline and excitement i suppose but also because bike moves much faster than the body alone, jumping, speeding, getting thrilled, air time and outdoor time is just fun!

The nature and features of the statue

Iron can be experienced through a lot of forms such as sawing, cutting, grinding, bending, crushing and welding.

In fact, iron work for me is like a drawing in three dimensions.

What guided me in building the composition?

The structure of the bike and the human body dictates the composition of the statue and of the exhibition.

Do you see humor or irony in my work?


Rusty Landscape, 60\20 cm, Welding on Metal Plate 2004

Rusty resting Man, 150\120\50 cm, Metal, 2005