KKL visitors center (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael - a Jewish National Fund) design 2009

Located at the top of the Ora mountain in Jerusalem, which provided an overview of the different areas of nature. For the visitor coming from the Entrance Road, the building is almost invisible. For the traveler coming from the forest, the building is very visible and even pop up in the landscape. In this way the visitors centre gives the environment a natural monument with the funktion to preserve and develop it self.

The educational center includes restaurant for 50 peoples, offices for KKL workers and management,and 3 classrooms, Where the students watch a short film and held a discussion on ecology and the environment. It is also a starting point of 2500-meter trail bordered by environmental sculptures, all created from waste materials collected at the site. These visitors center displaying the best knowledge of recycling, green Building and the environment preservation.